Volunteer Opportunities

The City of Bel Aire values volunteerism. The community is built on volunteers who are committed to making Bel Aire a great place to live. Below are some of the ways you can become involved in Bel Aire.

Boards & Commissions

The City relies on boards and commissions that are staffed by community volunteers. For more information or questions, contact Mayor David Austin.

Community Events

  • Spring Festival
  • Hot Dawgs Pool Party
  • Fall Festival
  • Christmas in Bel Aire
For more information on community events in Bel Aire, please contact Tristin Terhune at 744-2451.

Bel Aire Senior Center

The Bel Aire Senior Center continues to offer Seniors programs and services that improve health and wellness, decrease isolation and provide social, economic and educational opportunities. If interested in volunteering with the Senior Center, please contact Jennie Benitez at 744-2451.

Bel Aire Recreation Center

The Bel Aire Recreation Center continues to provide recreational opportunities and to promote community through organized programs. If you are interested in volunteering with the Recreation Center, call 744-2700.