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Bel Aire Recreation Center Room Use Request / Permit


  2. Bel Aire Recreation Building Rental Guidelines

    1. Application for the use of the building must be made on a form available at the Recreation Center. Requests must be signed by an adult (21 years of age) who must be in attendance and who will assume responsibility for the group.
    2. Rentals will be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
    3. Rentals must be requested 1 month in advance. Requests are accepted for the first 6 months of the year beginning October 1 of the preceding year and the second half of the year beginning April 1 of the current year.
    4. Rentals are only available in blocks of 3 hours or more unless it is during business hours or if other groups are scheduled immediately before and/or after request.
    5. Requests for rentals are to be directed to the Recreation Director or Assistant Director.
    6. Rental fees and a $100 refundable deposit shall accompany all rental applications. Deposit check may be picked up the next business day or can be destroyed or mailed per renters instructions. If damages have occurred during the rental period or if building is not cleaned, deposit will be forfeited and groups may be excluded from future rentals. Alternate deposit and payment arrangements can be made for groups requesting multiple reservations.
    7. Cancellations of reservations must be made in writing seven days prior to the scheduled rental. Failure to comply can result in loss of rental fees and / or deposit.
    8. Rental fees are established by the City of Bel Aire and are subject to change.
    9. Upon approval of a request by the Recreation Director or Assistant Director, the group will be issued a building use permit. Facility users will be informed of arrangements made for building supervision of the rental. The directors will decide if additional supervision and fees are necessary.

  3. Rental Categories and Hourly Rental Fees

    A. City of Bel Aire sponsored recreation programs or activities.
    B. Bel Aire based community service groups such as 4-H clubs or scout troops.
    C. Bel Aire based groups such as residents, local church groups, sports teams, or clubs. Non-family groups must be comprised of at least 60% Bel Aire residents.
    D. Non-Bel Aire based groups and non-residents.

  4. Gym

    A. No charge
    B. No charge with community service
    C. $35
    D. $55

  5. Activity Rooms

    A. No charge
    B. No charge with community service
    C. $30
    D. $50

  6. Bel Aire Recreation Center Room Use Request / Permit

    Tobacco, Alcohol and Controlled Substances are not permitted in the Recreation Center.

  7. Room(s) Requested*

  8. Allow time for set up and clean up.

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  10. If yes, please describe.

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