Diane Wynn  
City Council
Title: Council Member
Phone: 316-744-0729
Diane Wynn

Year Elected to Office

Appointed in 2015

Experience On Boards

Was a charter member of the Recycling Committee to bring recycling to the city beginning sometime in the late 1990’s.  The passage and planning of that took working with three different city administrators, not because they opposed it, but due to the enormity of it and the opposition from trash companies.  It was a first for any Sedgwick County community, and others were able to follow.  I have volunteered on the Senior Center planning committee, and many event committees, and until recently was on the Community Development committee.

Current Employment

Owner of Acumen Business Connections Inc., a full service card payment processing company since 2003.   

In previous employment, I worked for a residential development company which had more than a hundred houses coming out of the ground at once. They also did much of the infrastructure work as well.  While those skills may be rusty, they are still there and could be a resource for the city as growth continues.


Three grown children, Todd of Wichita, Pamela of Goddard, and Doug of Bel Aire.  Seven grandchildren, five, soon six, great grandchildren.

About the Council Member

I have lived in Bel Aire since 1971, before it became a city.  At that time my children were young and most of my early volunteer work was done at the school on 37th street (Kistler Elem.) which is no longer there.  I was a single working mom, so as my children got older, I took on a part time job as youth league director for Crestview Bowl, also no longer there, but worked with kids mostly from Bel Aire and the Brooks, Heights area. I have been an active member and former board member of Wichita Independent Business Assoc. for many years since becoming an owner.    

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